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How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea

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How to brew a perfect cup of tea?


Good tea is inexpensive but not cheap. For what it offers, tea is an affordable luxury but choosing good tea needs some care. Tea made in the traditional, artisanal way – called the orthodox method – retains the sophistication that natural soil, and climatic factors induce. Tea packed at source, retaining its freshness and in particular tea that maintains the purity of its origin – single origin, single region or single estate tea – is best. There are no hard and fast rules for brewing tea because there are so many taste preferences and drinking habits. Also, each tea has its own characteristics. The bottom line is, make it the way you like it. In general, however, if you keep in mind the following suggestions, you'll be making tea like a master in no time.


  1. Use the same amount of tealeaves. About 2 teaspoons (4grams) for a 220ml container.


  1. Use the appropriate water temperature for the tea you are using.

Green tea has a softer, generally more gentle personality than black tea and should be brewed in water that is cooled to around 75°C, whilst Oolong in water that is around 85°C and black tea in water with temperature of 90-95 degrees. Light and floral high grown black teas also benefit from lower temperature brewing and could be brewed at 85°C. If you watch carefully, you can notice the water get quiet before it boils. More delicate teas will perform their best with slightly cooler water.


  1. Steep for the appropriate brew time for the tea you are using.

Remember, some teas can be brewed several times and brew time changes for each brewing. For the first brew: 2-3 min. for Greens, Whites, Yellows and Compressed; 30-90 sec. for good Oolongs though some like 3-5 minutes; 3-4 min. for Blacks and Flavors; 5-8 min. for Aged Dark Tea.


  1. Remove the leaves from the teapot when finished brewing. For stronger tea use more leaf.


  1. For iced tea, use double the amount of leaf but use the same brew time. Pouring it warm over ice dilutes it perfectly.

A Tea A Day - Xiuning Songluo 休宁松萝

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Xiu Ning Song Luo is historically a famous green tea, it was invented in Longqing’s ruling period of the Ming Dynasty. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Song Luo Mountain was a Buddism Holy Land. The production method of Song Luo Tea was firstly created by a monk named Dafang.

松萝茶产于安徽省休宁县,是中国著名的药用茶。 “徽州松萝,专于化食”,久饮能治顽疮、高血压等症。 1930年赵公尚编着的《中药大辞典》中说松萝茶:消积滞、油腻、清火、下气、降痰。据有关资料介绍,过去徽州休宁一带流行伤寒、痢疾时,初染此病的患者,用沸水冲泡松萝茶频饮,三五日即可痊愈;病重者,用炒至焦黄色的糯米,加生姜片、食盐与松萝茶共煮后喝下,也有很好的疗效。

A Tea A Day - Taiping Houkui 太平猴魁

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The Taiping Houkui is a China historical tea, it was produced as early as the Qing Dynasty at Anhui Province. It belongs to the rare group of green tea. Its name refers to its shape: the pointed shape at the sides, the top and the end.

A Tea A Day - Chrysanthemum Tea 金丝皇菊

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Chrysanthemum tea is a flower-based infusion beverage made from chrysanthemum flowers.
Chrysanthemum tea has high amounts of B carotene which are present in the yellow part and the fruit. The B carotene is converted in Vitamin A in the liver. This kind of Vitamin A is helpful in treating skin problems and increasing the immunity power. It also helps in postponing the aging process and age related blindness.
Chrysanthemum tea is also a good source of Vitamin Bs like choline, folacin, niacin as well as riboflavin. It also contains Vitamin C which reduces the risks of scurvy and protects the eyes.
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