A Tea A Day - Taiping Houkui 太平猴魁

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The Taiping Houkui is a China historical tea, it was produced as early as the Qing Dynasty at Anhui Province. It belongs to the rare group of green tea. Its name refers to its shape: the pointed shape at the sides, the top and the end.
TaiPingHouKui brewing guidelines
Teaware: 350ml glass or ceramic pot
Amount: 4 grams
Water: 80°C boiled mineral water
Infusion: First infusion about 1-2minutes.
The leaves are good for at least 5 serves.

A fabulous tasting green tea from Anhui. With uniquely shaped large flat leaves, TaiPing HouKui is quite different from other green teas and is thought of as one of China's top ten teas. Our tea comes from the village of HouKeng, where the tea was first developed.

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List of ingredients:
- tea leaves - water
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