A Tea A Day - Xiuning Songluo 休宁松萝

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Xiu Ning Song Luo is historically a famous green tea, it was invented in Longqing’s ruling period of the Ming Dynasty. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Song Luo Mountain was a Buddism Holy Land. The production method of Song Luo Tea was firstly created by a monk named Dafang.

松萝茶产于安徽省休宁县,是中国著名的药用茶。 “徽州松萝,专于化食”,久饮能治顽疮、高血压等症。 1930年赵公尚编着的《中药大辞典》中说松萝茶:消积滞、油腻、清火、下气、降痰。据有关资料介绍,过去徽州休宁一带流行伤寒、痢疾时,初染此病的患者,用沸水冲泡松萝茶频饮,三五日即可痊愈;病重者,用炒至焦黄色的糯米,加生姜片、食盐与松萝茶共煮后喝下,也有很好的疗效。

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